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Our Differences

No Middle Man

The typical remodeling process involve countless sub-contractors, designers, store employees, and workers making the process tedious, expensive, and inefficient. With Gutis Tile, there is no middle man, saving you from frustration and overpaying for the end result.

Faster Than The Rest

A top complaint from homeowners undergoing a renovation is the amount of time a project takes to complete. When going through a large home improvement store or contractor, construction time starts at 3 weeks not with Gutis Tile!


Zero Hidden Costs

Hidden costs are frustrating and can add a great deal of stress to any remodeling project. Your project consultant will explain any contingency that may arise during the renovation and exactly what they will cost. Our goal is to give you the most accurate price possible.

No Subcontractors

If you choose to remodel through a large home improvement store or local contractor, there could be dozen of workers from different subcontractors coming in every day. When you choose Rapid Remodel, every person that steps foot in your home will be a Rapid Remodel employee.